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In Loving Memory of

1  Roger Laurent letter in Sawasdee, The Art and Culture of Thailand, Cancer Fighters Art, Inc., Lafayette, LA, 2010, p.5


2  Cancer Fighters Art, Inc., Sawasdee, The Art and Culture of Thailand, Lafayette, LA, 2012, p.16

Roger A. Laurent, II

"Art graces a tedious life with joy, beauty, taste, and yes, a critical eye. It speaks to the past and the future, to whom we were, who we are, and who we ought to be. It elevates our personhood." 1

Dear Friends of Cancer Fighters Art, Inc., 2


A couple of years ago, I was gifted with a magnificent flowering plant. I felt sure that I’d never be able to keep this plant flourishing for lack of a “green thumb.” The winter came, its leaves withered and fell to the ground, and my pitiful looking plant languished in a corner of my patio. Nevertheless, I keep it watered, but mostly, showered it with hope for new life. In the spring, I kept my nose close to the nubby ends of the stems until I saw a faint green struggling through. Of course, it eventually flowered again, but only because it had a life of its own. It was meant to be, in spite of me.


It occurs to me that the fundraising efforts of Cancer Fighters Art, Inc., under the skillful direction of Jarunee McBride, are like the cycle of my little plant. It has its struggles, but it has life because it is so lovingly nourished and cared for. When she first requested us to provide a venue for its premier in 2009, I was unsure of how it fit the mission of our gallery which is to promote area artists. Nevertheless, I was mesmerized by the beauty of the art and the seriousness of its purpose. Each year, I was more and more charmed by the paintings, but above all else, the total dedication of Ms. McBride and her network of Thai artists, sponsors and assistants continue to astound me.


You will enjoy the exhibits, but please be as generous in any way you can to their cause. Like my little plant, they bloom audaciously at every exhibit, but unlike my plant, the artworks have no cycle of life because they are always alive and vibrant. The wonderful artists have done their part. However, the success of the project is due to your tremendous support and generosity providing funds for research to beat the ever present enemy, Cancer.


Most Sincerely,


Roger Laurent

Gallery Director

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