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Jay Surasen is among the most well known artist in his home country of Thailand. His contribution of more than 20 original works of art to the Cancer Fighters Art organization distinguishes him as among the top contributors to our cause.

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Jay Surasen was born in Kalasin Province located in the Northeast region of Thailand, but it was the simple Lanna style that attracted him to settle in Chiang Mai, Thailand. His art reveals the natural beauty and modest daily life of past generations. By cultivating awareness, Jay is encouraging the preservation of the Lana traditional way of life among the younger generations. His romantic themes combine the realism of nature, memory and illusion. The expressive paintings are incredibly vibrant, imparting a magical feeling that the world is brighter than we see it in our day-to-day lives.

Jay Surasen wished to convey the beauty of nature and lifestyle of the Lanna people to the next generation to get knowledge and to conserve the Lanna lifestyle for future generations. He has integrated the culture and original lifestyle of Lanna with the present natural lifestyle to make for a better reality. He also hoped to encourage teenagers to be consciously aware of traditional culture and to pursue a humble lifestyle, not just following the cultural lifestyle at present.


Jay is a world-class artist whose paintings appear in numerous places around Thailand that include the residences of the Thai Royal Family. Jay was invited to Italy by the Italian government to teach his unique style of painting to Italian artists and has demonstrated his artistic style in such countries as China, France and England. He also contributes much of his work to charitable organizations to help advance educational and sporting endeavors.

Jay currently holds an honorable Doctorate Degree from Payap University in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Success does not depend on what school you attend, but by your work ethic. Even if you are gifted with talent, it is your will to succeed that will help you to quickly achieve your desired goals”.

– Jay Surasen

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